Online Poker is Becoming Massively Popular

Online Poker has over the past couple of years experienced and an unbelievable explosion in popularity. The spread across the world has reached almost a situation of utter frenzy with online poker players, from almost 200 countries joining in on the action, which is worth an astounding $25 billion a year. TV coverage of the countless events has increased awareness exponentially and created millions of new fans.

At the very top sits the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and if the current trend in popularity has to continue, then it will soon be as big as the Super Bowl in the US. Already its dominance of 3 prime-time television slots per day is a boom never before seen in any game, where the top players from all walks of life mostly, from relative obscurity have reached celebrity status in no time.

The WSOP story starts on 1970 when there were only six entrants and has risen steadily since. When Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson won it in 2000 he beat 511 players and by 2003 Chris Moneymaker was up against 838 players. In 2004 that figure had tripled to 2,576 and more then doubled to 5,619 in 2005. The number of entries for the 2006 WSOP was capped at 8,000 giving an estimated 10 million purse to the winner which is unmatched in any other sport with the exception of boxing.

Online Poker has become very profitable at the larger and well-established poker rooms and the competition is heating up, which is good news for you the player. The best sites are giving more and more value to the players with higher and better bonuses and promotions. Many new players start out by playing poker against players from all over the world and then move on to play games at the brick and morar rooms, but the purses currently being generated by on the internet are substantial and may well soon catch up to the 10 million WSOP stakes

Some of the many advantages:

Lower Stakes

Online Poker offers you very low stakes. Since there are no dealers, rent or utilities to pay, the internet sites can offer games at very low limits. We have found sites which offer games where you can wager a couple cent at a time and is a great way, for a new player, to make the transition from free play to games offering the potential of big money.

No Intimidation

Sitting down at a game facing live players can be extremely intimidating for a new player whereas playing on the internet, can be compared to playing a video game instead of a group of people face to face. You can interact with the other players by means the chat box or just play your game without having to speak to anybody and the best part is that nobody can see a bluff in your eyes or a nervous twitch that will certainly give you game away at a live game.

Pot Odds Shown

When playing in a live game many players have difficulty in keeping track of pot odds and determining if they are getting the correct odds to call a bet or not. When you play at a good site, you will always know exactly how much money is in the pot and you can with ease, calculate the pot odds for each decision you make. When in uncertain about anything you can refer to your own charts or pull out your calculator to do some math. This is not something you would want to do in a game where the other players can see what you are up to.

Play when it suits you.

You can play online poker anytime you want 24/7/365. Since the game has become extremely popular chances are that you will have to wait an hour to get into a game at a card room. You can log on to the internet and play for an hour or less with no need to make a night of it and then still have to drive home afterward. You can now play in an internet cafe while waiting for your delayed flight if you wish.